Current Games

Famous computer games, some of which are known and
some are unknown about these games. Here you can see the details of the current video games;

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

PUBG is the latest early access title to become an
amazing marvel. Like DayZ, Minecraft and others before, this distraction has
spread like a wild flame, with heaps of players lifting them up and leaping
into their Battle Royale-like world.Players jump into a colossal guide and just
have to fight, survive and flourish. Up to 100 players duelling on a remote
island are as serious and exciting as you would expect, as the urgent quest for
assets is heading for survival for food, fuel and ammunition.If you have not
known about PUBG yet, you probably will have a chance, so why not get a head start and bounce into this overwhelming amusement!

Battlefield 1

Frontline 1 is an incredibly colorful first-person shooter and looks incredible on a decent PC. EA and DICE drove the vessel reliably to the PC, and this epic from the First World War is the same. If you’re looking for an unimaginable immersive first-person shooter with extreme fights and inscrutable multiplayer on your new device, it will not show any signs of improvement compared to BF1.And now that the content of the seasonal
passport starts to reach the base because they do not fit, there is much more
substance to be appreciated.

Resident Evil 7

Inhabitant Evil 7 is an outstanding comeback to the famous Survival arrangement. Changing the activity to a first individual point
of view has never made the corrupted aversions and the sticky situations so
real.You play Ethan, a man chasing his missing accomplice in rustic Louisiana.
He soon discovers the Baker family, an accumulation of abnormal individuals
contaminated with a destructive infection.Advancing through sprawling country estates, unhygienic bogs, and other weird areas, Ethan should understand riddles and bewildering enemies if he wants to survive. This is fundamental to rejection fans and a breathtaking restart for the busy establishment.


While not choosing the stage, there is probably the best form of Grand Theft Auto V on the PC. Better visual effects and more far-reaching, changing devices mean that no matter when you finish the main fight, you can spend months investing in the mudding and make your set pieces
with the shockingly savory movie Editorial Manager Segment.Virtually limitless regarding degree and stimulation, we can see that this has long been seen on “Best PC Amusement” records. A perfect work of art.

Designer: Firaxis Games

Human Advancement VI is the best civilization pleasure
so far. For an establishment with such a beloved lineage, this is no small
achievement, but the advances, improvements, and advances made by Firaxis
Civilization VI make for a conversation that is not only overwhelming and
profound; It’s fun, stimulating and unusual through the many hours.

Despite its different changes, it is still civilization. Nevertheless, one builds up urban communities, expands a domain and builds up an armed force. Regardless, you are exploring logical and social redesigns with a specific end goal in mind to chart a crafted path through history, the distance from the antiquated era to the space age. Strategy, religion, exchange – it’s all here in disposition, which provides for the most stubborn element of civilization, maybe ever.

In summary, interactivity, brilliant graphics, great story, and enchanting music are the key elements in making a game very successful and popular. Some people claim that video and computer games deprive the imagination of power because games provide the mind with things and situations take place encourage the mind to develop these things on its own. However, we all know that even a stack of blocks or Lego is enough to stimulate and encourage a child’s imagination. The image situations in computer and video
games spark and inspire our imagination and promote it as a springboard to the new formation.Possibilities that would not otherwise have occurred.


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Why play?

Video gaming is one of the people’s favorite pastime activities. In some
cities like New York City, there are more video game stores than there are
books stores. And there are enough games out there to satisfy the taste of any gamer alive. Why do people of all ages find themselves so fascinated with the games?

Video gaming has come a long way since Mario Brothers. Games of all genres
and types are available for any age group. There is interactive, fun to play
and informative games available for the youngest audiences, designed to be both educational and fun. Favorite cartoon characters, such as Nemo, Chicken Little, Sponge Bob and Mickey Mouse, come alive in the video games to keep children company. Action heroes like Superman and Spiderman make appearances again with new missions to accomplish and more tricks up their sleeves. Racing games, action games, shooter games and arcade games keep coming out for audiences to

The reason for this fascination is simple. Everyone wants to be part of the
story, or do something that they would not ordinarily be able to do. Not many
people can make it in a car racing world and even less can afford to try. But
it takes a game console, a TV and a racing game to feel like you are sitting behind the wheel of a gadget packed the racing car. There are no limits to what you can do behind that wheel; there are no real bills to pay and no injuries that can maim you. All there is is the excitement of the race, the rush of victory
and loads of fun.

Many men, no age limits, get fascinated with the first person shooters
because it makes them feel all powerful and able to do anything. Hardly anyone will want to run around with a real gun, hunting for enemies and risking to be shot from the back. But games like Halo provide a safe way to explore your talents as a soldier and give a new insight into the art of warfare.

How many of us would not like to be the hero and save the world? RPG’s
provide just the opportunity. Turn the PlayStation on and put in the disk and
you will be carried off into a distant land where humankind’s last hope for
survival rests with you.

Life can be ordinary and not very interesting and can lack the excitement
that will make your heart race. Daily tasks are dull, and the roles all of us
act out at work, and home does not allow us to get out of the boundaries of
everyday routine. Problems can overwhelm and get the best of anyone. Sometimes the need to dive into a world where everyday problems do not exist is alluring and exciting. The ability to become someone else, someone you will never be, to live out a life full of danger and mystery, is offered by  video games to all people. But even if it’s just for one hour or a few minutes it makes feel alive and able to do absolutely anything.



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The 90s

If you were born in the late 80s or early 90s, you necessarily know these games. Most of us are missing, but these games make us really regret the fact of having come out of this golden age of creativity! Discover them.

10. Super Mario World
Of course, this game of 1990 is mythical. Here, Mario and Luigi had to save King Mushroom from Bowser’s hands with Yoshi’s help. This game is mythical for the characters and all it contained: super mushrooms, fire flowers, etc. It was sold to 20 million copies and it was so popular that it became a cartoon called “The New Super Mario World” which was based on the story of the game. But it only lasted a single season.

9. GoldenEye 007
Released in 1997, the goal of this game was to embody the legendary James Bond hero on the Nintendo 64 console. You could have several weapons through 20 secret agent missions. The game even had a multiplayer mode. The gameplay (or game mode) was quite unique at the time and the game really respected the movie. More than 8 million copies have been sold worldwide and some copies are selling for $ 275 these days.

8. Blue and Red Pokémon
Released in 1996, this game is talked about these days with its smartphone version: Pokemon Go. At the time, it was also a sensation. Children and, most importantly, many adults were fans of the game, but also the TV series and trading cards. Pokémon Red and Blue were the first two in the Pokémon franchise and the goal was to embark on an adventure in which you were a trainer who was to collect and train these little creatures across a multitude of cities. Millions of copies have been sold and the games have been reissued this year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise.

In 1993, this science fiction game came out halfway with horror. Present on PC, you had to choose a soldier who left for a multidimensional war. Demonic creatures were attacking Earth and the goal was to stop them from destroying our planet. He scored 86% at the exit and was considered one of the most influential games on the planet.

6. Sonic The Hedgehog 2
In 1992, Sonic and his sidekick Miles live peacefully when his friend suddenly disappears. The hedgehog who runs as fast as lightning and his friend, the flying fox, decide to fight against metal robots to save him from the claws of Dr. Robotnik. He also wants to sow chaos through this small, quiet world. The game produced by Sega enabled the company to catch up with Nintendo by selling 6 million copies after spending more than $ 10 million on advertising.

5. Kirby’s Dream Land
This is the first game of the Kirby franchise that will be released in 1992. The little pink ball proposed to explore a cute universe, but he also had formidable powers: that of being able to absorb his enemies to spit them with force or that of to grow to fly. It was necessary to beat the villain of history who had stolen all the food of the kingdom and who named himself King Dedede. This game was developed in connection with the music to give a complete experience to the user.

4. Mortal Kombat
This exceptional fighting game was released in 1992 and was intended to fight two characters who had outstanding abilities on an isolated island. The arcade game was full of martial arts techniques and the fighters made their way to the final battle with Shang Tsung. The graphics were pretty realistic for the time. But several polemics broke out, including a technique that consisted of tearing the heart of an enemy and destroy it with bare hands.

3. NBA Jam
This basketball game was released in 1993 and was one of the first of its kind. He proposed, in connection with the NBA license, to play with real characters that existed. The matches were 2-2, but had clean rules that were not very realistic. The game worked well among fans of arcade games and even among people who were not very sports fans.

2. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
This game of 1998 is cult! This 5th opus of the franchise was quite visionary for the time. The owners of Nintendo 64 started the game as children and became fishermen or vagabonds. The goal was to play the little Link and rescue Princess Zelda. The video game has gone to 2.5 million copies and brought in $ 150 million.

1. Mario Kart 64
This cult kart game of 1996 had one of the best soundtracks of the 90s. The player was doing a car race with objects like banana peels, mushrooms that allowed to go faster. There was the famous rainbow track and we could embody all the characters in the universe: Peach, Bowser, Luigi and Mario of course! It was necessary to avoid traps like oil stains or carapaces sent by the enemy. The game has unfortunately not met the hoped-for success, but the franchise is still popular.




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The 80’s

Thinking back to time spent in arcades in the late 80s and
early 90s you image memories of such classic titles like Double Dragon, Out
Run, Chase HQ and Spy Hunter.

This was a time of 2D rasta display spirits following the era
of donkey kong and pacman. There was a hopeful sereneness to the youthful
mellow counter culture and arcades were intermixed with penny slots and

Double dragon was a side scrolling beat em up name in japan,
which had a modern snapping feel to the fight controlled and offered a
structured outlet to the teen frustration of the Thatcher era.

The was simple kick and punch your way to saving the kidnapped
girl. Gangs armed with weapons like barrels, whips, baseball bats and even
knives came your way to stop you from finishing the colourful manga styled
pixelated stage.

Spoof movies released a few years back paid tribute to Double
Dragon, Kung Fury an 80s style vigilante takes on enemies in a similar action
filled carnage.

Similar gaves in this era were Final Fight, another side
scrolling beat em up, this time slightly more cartoony with a grissy ending of
the hero being tired to a chair looking at a reducing fuse attached to some

Outrun sold the idea of a Route 66 type race through the
highways of USA in a convertible Ferrari 355 Spider.

It had a car radio menu allowing you choose your driving music,
as you accelerated along the highway racing against the clock. This like
another Sega classic Afterburner became cult classics and symbol of the free
spirit of the 1980s.

A lot of the major creative innovations like emoticons and
dance dance, Dreamcast even cryptocurrency originated from japan> along with its sleek style and gorgeous animation.

During the 80s and 90s Sega and its competitor Nintendo were a
natural extension of that!

This is can be traced back to fame and repetition brought on,
by mania called Pacman. This ghost chasing pill popping yellow circle / man who inspired a generation of geeks and problem solvers.

“If Pac-Man had affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.”

Predicting the dance generation Marcus Brigstocke, the creator
of pacman was years ahead of his time and this calming all knowing influence is problem why this much loved puzzle / platform game has a special place in many gamers hearts.

Taito a major 80s games developer summed up the era with cartoon ¼ gravity international football matches and Neon chaotic, mind blowing scrolling shooters. All design to capture your attention and your coins.

This is was rather unique time in both video game history and
youth culture, where they’re was a feeling of fairness and adventure. For me it
invoked memory of once a year bonfire nights where fireworks and a huge mound of logs set on fire, would celebrate the halloween season and the end of autumn.

Video games were loud and in an alien way brash and in your
face, almost rebellious and clever.

This is where the term button bashing came from, as wild eyed
teens smashed at the controls firing missiles or chasing bad guys.

A style which is copied today in a softer pixelated form in modern adventure games like Tumbleweed Park and electro house, a style called Retro Futurism.

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The 70’s

Video games have a longer history than people realize. Many
people assume that video games started only in the early 1980s. Their history
actually goes back as far back as the end of World War II.

American’s jumped on the band wagon in the 1970s; the rest
of the history of video games has been dominated by the Japanese. Nintendo and Sony, Japanese companies, have pretty much dominated the market since 1985. Nintendo is known for creating well-known characters like the Mario Brothers. The Mario Brothers were so popular that a movie was made about them. Sony is known for creating the PlayStation, the first video game console to have the 32-bit technology. This allowed video games to have a 3D feel.

Actually, there are many types of video games that came in
the 1970’s, and some perform more than one category, therefore, generating an overlap of functions simultaneously. Below are some traditionally used games by enthusiasts:

* Action type video games are typically played by grown-up
gamers as it incorporates violence thus most aren’t advised to be played by
children. Usually, this sort of video games will demand timing and reflex
capabilities due to its fast-paced pursuits. However, there are several action
games which are gentler in concept nevertheless the concept of battle remains.

* First Person Shooter or more well known as FPS delivers
the game player a sense of “being there”. This is regarded as
sub-genre of action type video games since it similarly entails rapid pace and
fast thinking experience.

* Adventure games are some of the very first forms of video
games and became widely used in the 1970s. It is most effective for younger
gamers because it does not possess violence but instead more of a
puzzle-solving obstacles to advance to another level. Since the game does not
carry a story, it experienced a decrease in popularity in the late 1990s. On
the other hand in 1999 a PC video game was launched called “The Longest
Journey” which became popular because it carries a stronger storyline as
well as interaction among the various characters on the game.

* The Action- Adventure video games which are a combination
of the two types of video games. For this reason, it includes problem-solving,
battle along with collecting the necessary tools to win the level and
eventually advance to the next.

* Role playing games (RPG) feature a set storyline and are
said to be by far the most addictive. The main objective for this is that the
game player can take on one of the characters of the game and can also initiate conversation along with other players. Although they aren’t as fast moving because of the Action type games, it does, however, features violence since the game player must defeat his challenger to continue to a higher level.

In conclusion, because of so many various kinds of video
games that can be found on the market nowadays, it is evident that the
advancement of technology has contributed much to its improvement. Nowadays video graphics are more superior, and even the actual story lines are definitely more interesting to meet the passion of every gamer.

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10 Frustrating Game Levels

Everyone will have that particular game that brings them to the brink. Not long ago I found this compilation of 10 frustrating video game levels and I must admit that I definitely have to agree with some of these.  Have you gotten stuck on any of these?? Leave us a comment and tell us about it!