Class Guides

These guides by Killerguides are class-specific strategy and leveling guides with detailed quest information. All classes are covered!

Aion Assassin Guide Aion Chanter Guide Aion Cleric Guide Aion Gladiator Guide
Assassin Chanter Cleric Gladiator
Aion Ranger Guide Aion Sorcerer Guide Aion Spiritmaster Guide Aion Templar Guide
Ranger Sorcerer Spiritmaster Templar

Killerguides Aion Guides PackThese guides are also available as a bundle, meaning you get these 8 class guides as well as Killerguides Aion leveling guide and the kinah making guide, plus free future updates all for a one-time price of $89,99: that’s ten guides with an incredible discount price of 73%. No doubt a lot more than what any other guides currently offer.

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