FTWGuides Aion Leveling Guide

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FTWGuides is an experienced publisher of leveling guides but I must admit I’m a bit disappointed in their Aion leveling guide. Even though it’s a good guide I’ve seen better (and with bonuses), therefore I’ll give it a rather poor rating.

The leveling guide itself is pretty good and has maps and screenshots. It comes in online form and most quests, mobs and items are linked to AionArmory for quick reference.

There is also the fact that Asmodian and Elyos leveling guides sell separately much like KFGuides, and both guides can be bought for $45 which is certainly more than Killerguides leveling guide.

All in all, FTWGuides Aion leveling guide is a decent guide but needs some additional work in order to stay competitive.

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  1. Maxim says:

    This Guide is really good.

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