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KFGuides Aion Leveling Guide

September 3rd, 2009

Krinadon and Faiona’s Aion leveling guides are rather unpopular leveling guides, and for good reasons. Even though the guides are nicely done, there are a few issues because of which I recommend getting some other guide.

First of all, the Asmodian and Elyos guides sell separately. Second, they are only finished to level 40 for now which I’m sure will get updated soon, but the problem is you have to pay for those updates later on. Both Fantoms and Killerguides guide have free updates. KFGuides does have some discounts you can apply to get the updates cheaper but it’s still an unnecessary expense.

In my opinion, other guides offer more bang for less bucks and you should just skip this one. Just in case you still want to check this one out, I have provided a download link below.

Download now!