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Kozen Aion Leveling Guide

October 8th, 2009

Kozen’s Aion leveling guide is my new favorite! It’s complete unlike some other guides I reviewed so far, and has both Elyos and Asmodian leveling guides. The leveling guide covers all quests and of course has maps and screenshots. It looks as though the author really did his best to keep you away from grinding as much as possible and that’s a big plus.

The best thing about Kozen leveling guide is that it’s much more, kind of like Killerguides leveling guide but even more detailed. It has a lot of bonuses such as a kinah guide, which talks a lot about making kinah on the auction house and with the use of private stores. Once it’s updated with more profitable items to (re)sell I’m sure it will be even better. There’s also a crafting guide, a guide on enchantments, godstones and manastones, and best of all Kozen’s leveling guide includes an Abyss guide, teaching you about fortresses, artifacts, Abyss ranks and points etc.

With Kozens leveling guide you also get free updates as well as exclusive access to forums and videos which I can’t say for other guides. Overall, I most definitely recommend you get this guide, you’ll be really pleased with its content.

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