The 70’s

Video games have a longer history than people realize. Many
people assume that video games started only in the early 1980s. Their history
actually goes back as far back as the end of World War II.

American’s jumped on the band wagon in the 1970s; the rest
of the history of video games has been dominated by the Japanese. Nintendo and Sony, Japanese companies, have pretty much dominated the market since 1985. Nintendo is known for creating well-known characters like the Mario Brothers. The Mario Brothers were so popular that a movie was made about them. Sony is known for creating the PlayStation, the first video game console to have the 32-bit technology. This allowed video games to have a 3D feel.

Actually, there are many types of video games that came in
the 1970’s, and some perform more than one category, therefore, generating an overlap of functions simultaneously. Below are some traditionally used games by enthusiasts:

* Action type video games are typically played by grown-up
gamers as it incorporates violence thus most aren’t advised to be played by
children. Usually, this sort of video games will demand timing and reflex
capabilities due to its fast-paced pursuits. However, there are several action
games which are gentler in concept nevertheless the concept of battle remains.

* First Person Shooter or more well known as FPS delivers
the game player a sense of “being there”. This is regarded as
sub-genre of action type video games since it similarly entails rapid pace and
fast thinking experience.

* Adventure games are some of the very first forms of video
games and became widely used in the 1970s. It is most effective for younger
gamers because it does not possess violence but instead more of a
puzzle-solving obstacles to advance to another level. Since the game does not
carry a story, it experienced a decrease in popularity in the late 1990s. On
the other hand in 1999 a PC video game was launched called “The Longest
Journey” which became popular because it carries a stronger storyline as
well as interaction among the various characters on the game.

* The Action- Adventure video games which are a combination
of the two types of video games. For this reason, it includes problem-solving,
battle along with collecting the necessary tools to win the level and
eventually advance to the next.

* Role playing games (RPG) feature a set storyline and are
said to be by far the most addictive. The main objective for this is that the
game player can take on one of the characters of the game and can also initiate conversation along with other players. Although they aren’t as fast moving because of the Action type games, it does, however, features violence since the game player must defeat his challenger to continue to a higher level.

In conclusion, because of so many various kinds of video
games that can be found on the market nowadays, it is evident that the
advancement of technology has contributed much to its improvement. Nowadays video graphics are more superior, and even the actual story lines are definitely more interesting to meet the passion of every gamer.

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