The 90s

If you were born in the late 80s or early 90s, you necessarily know these games. Most of us are missing, but these games make us really regret the fact of having come out of this golden age of creativity! Discover them.

10. Super Mario World
Of course, this game of 1990 is mythical. Here, Mario and Luigi had to save King Mushroom from Bowser’s hands with Yoshi’s help. This game is mythical for the characters and all it contained: super mushrooms, fire flowers, etc. It was sold to 20 million copies and it was so popular that it became a cartoon called “The New Super Mario World” which was based on the story of the game. But it only lasted a single season.

9. GoldenEye 007
Released in 1997, the goal of this game was to embody the legendary James Bond hero on the Nintendo 64 console. You could have several weapons through 20 secret agent missions. The game even had a multiplayer mode. The gameplay (or game mode) was quite unique at the time and the game really respected the movie. More than 8 million copies have been sold worldwide and some copies are selling for $ 275 these days.

8. Blue and Red Pokémon
Released in 1996, this game is talked about these days with its smartphone version: Pokemon Go. At the time, it was also a sensation. Children and, most importantly, many adults were fans of the game, but also the TV series and trading cards. Pokémon Red and Blue were the first two in the Pokémon franchise and the goal was to embark on an adventure in which you were a trainer who was to collect and train these little creatures across a multitude of cities. Millions of copies have been sold and the games have been reissued this year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise.

In 1993, this science fiction game came out halfway with horror. Present on PC, you had to choose a soldier who left for a multidimensional war. Demonic creatures were attacking Earth and the goal was to stop them from destroying our planet. He scored 86% at the exit and was considered one of the most influential games on the planet.

6. Sonic The Hedgehog 2
In 1992, Sonic and his sidekick Miles live peacefully when his friend suddenly disappears. The hedgehog who runs as fast as lightning and his friend, the flying fox, decide to fight against metal robots to save him from the claws of Dr. Robotnik. He also wants to sow chaos through this small, quiet world. The game produced by Sega enabled the company to catch up with Nintendo by selling 6 million copies after spending more than $ 10 million on advertising.

5. Kirby’s Dream Land
This is the first game of the Kirby franchise that will be released in 1992. The little pink ball proposed to explore a cute universe, but he also had formidable powers: that of being able to absorb his enemies to spit them with force or that of to grow to fly. It was necessary to beat the villain of history who had stolen all the food of the kingdom and who named himself King Dedede. This game was developed in connection with the music to give a complete experience to the user.

4. Mortal Kombat
This exceptional fighting game was released in 1992 and was intended to fight two characters who had outstanding abilities on an isolated island. The arcade game was full of martial arts techniques and the fighters made their way to the final battle with Shang Tsung. The graphics were pretty realistic for the time. But several polemics broke out, including a technique that consisted of tearing the heart of an enemy and destroy it with bare hands.

3. NBA Jam
This basketball game was released in 1993 and was one of the first of its kind. He proposed, in connection with the NBA license, to play with real characters that existed. The matches were 2-2, but had clean rules that were not very realistic. The game worked well among fans of arcade games and even among people who were not very sports fans.

2. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
This game of 1998 is cult! This 5th opus of the franchise was quite visionary for the time. The owners of Nintendo 64 started the game as children and became fishermen or vagabonds. The goal was to play the little Link and rescue Princess Zelda. The video game has gone to 2.5 million copies and brought in $ 150 million.

1. Mario Kart 64
This cult kart game of 1996 had one of the best soundtracks of the 90s. The player was doing a car race with objects like banana peels, mushrooms that allowed to go faster. There was the famous rainbow track and we could embody all the characters in the universe: Peach, Bowser, Luigi and Mario of course! It was necessary to avoid traps like oil stains or carapaces sent by the enemy. The game has unfortunately not met the hoped-for success, but the franchise is still popular.




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